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CHILDLINE believes that an Annual Report is an important instrument for ensuring transparency and accountability of any organization. The CIF Annual Reports highlight the key events and the expansion of CHILDLINE during the year. It contains detailed information of how funds were raised and utilized, important events, case studies and an overview of the calls answered on 1098

This Annual Report developed for Community Outreach Programme is a visual treat. Beautiful pictures of children who are part of the programme, set against slanted graphics and type. Everyone Deserves a Smile!!!

A Milestone at Bubble Design - 9 years, 9 Annual Reports for IL&FS Private Equity. Each one is distinct and unique from the other. From colours to graphics, to illustrations and visuals.

In India, we have this extended luxury of getting those odd jobs done for us. We have someone to iron our clothes, to take out the trash, to deliver the milk, to cycle us to work, and even to clean our ears. These men are our everyday superheroes who possess that extraordinary superhuman power to pamper us, and to make us more and more lazy. And they dedicate their ordinary lives to make our complex lives simpler. Lets immortalise Wala Wala!!!

With the advent of new technology, the world has come closer. Today one can easily communicate across countries using new modes of communication like social media, messaging apps and email. However, a majority of this country’s population that dwell in the rural areas are still largely dependent on the postage system. India Post has a wide network that reaches even the remotest parts of the country. Even now, a whole section of people still await the arrival of the ever-so-lovable, satchel-in-hand, khaki-clad…‘daakiya’. The calendar conceptualized, designed and illustrated for Anil Agencies + Conqueror is a tribute to the postal institution and through visual commentary, questions the current plight of this forgotten communication system. Hey, what’s up daak?